AMS Academic Departments

Biomedical Sciences Department

Microbiology, Immunology and Parasitology.

Head of Department Dr.Reema Elfakhri
Professional Health Education Department

Communication skills.
English Language.
Clinical Skills.

Head of Department Dr.Hwuida khatteab
Biological Sciences Department

Physiology and Biophysics.

Biochemistry and Genetics.

Anatomy and Histology.

Head of department Dr.Basma Farag

AMS Teaching System

  • The study proceeds according to a learning system based on dilemmas.
  • Science advances in one way or another from forms of interactive learning, such as educational dilemmas, discussion sessions, practical lessons, scientific seminars, preparation of reports, scientific research and others.
  • The annual system is followed, the student enjoys a semi-annual break and the end of the academic year break, according to the AMS’s academic calendar.

Students studying at AMS


Educational LevelTargeted GroupStage Period
FirstPreoperational StageMedicine studentsOne Academic year
SecondBasic stageDentistry studentsOne Academic year
Applied medical Science and Medicine studentsTwo Academic years
ThirdAdvanced levelApplied medical Science studentsOne Academic Year (Year 4) which includes

  graduation project

Degree of Graduation

The Libyan International University (LIMU) for Medical Sciences awards a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Medical Sciences to graduates of the faculty.