AMS Weekly PBL activities

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Weekly PBL Activities

AMS adopts a learning system based on solving educational dilemmas, where the week is divided into six days, three of which are related to the dilemma and are arranged as follows:

The rest of the week includes lectures, labs and Team Learning Sessions.[/vc_column_text][vc_separator color=\”blue\” border_width=\”3\”][vc_media_grid grid_id=\”vc_gid:1624520308496-7d6fa9ba-e82e-2\” include=\”394463,394470,394456\”][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=\”Brainstorming Sessions\” tab_id=\”Brainstorming-Sessions\”][vc_column_text]

Brainstorming sessions

AMS adopts a policy of education based on solving dilemmas, whereby students are divided into groups that do not exceed ten students, after which the academic tutor assigns the leader to distribute the educational dilemma papers where the students read in secret for a period not exceeding ten minutes. After that, the dilemma is presented and read in the order of the students by the leader to complete the reading and extract the unintelligible terms and write them on the board.

Discussion continues between students and with the guidance of the supervisor to solve the dilemma and define the educational objectives to be studied at the end of the session.

At the end of the session, a student is selected to give the evaluation regarding the dilemma and session, his/her performance and that of his/her colleagues, as well as the academic tutor evaluates the student’s performance during the session.

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Tutor Availability

It comes on the following day of the Brainstorming Session, it takes place remotely via the Internet through the educational MOODLE system, where in this session, the Academic Tutor  answers students\’ questions about the educational goals related to the dilemma.

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Debriefing Sessions

With the same group division in the Brainstorming Session, the educational goals that were extracted from the storming session are discussed, and the correct depth given to students at the end of each objective.

The student is also allowed to use the notebook and can also use other clarification, such as pictures, simple presentations, educational animations or a whiteboard. Students are evaluated according to specific criteria by the college administration.[/vc_column_text][vc_separator color=\”blue\” border_width=\”3\”][vc_media_grid grid_id=\”vc_gid:1624520308499-b694d869-2ed3-8\” include=\”394469,394449,394462\”][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=\”Team Learning Session (TLS)\” tab_id=\”TLS\”][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner][vc_column_text]

 Team Learning Session (TLS)

It is one of the tools that creates motivation to students to study at home, prepare lectures and laboratories that are taken during the week, so that students bring information to explain to each other in a smooth and easy way to memorize.

  • These sessions take place at the end of every week.
  • The door for discussion between students is opened under the supervision of the academic tutor, and students are evaluated based on their participation. If there are any inquiries that the students could not clarify, the academic tutor takes notes and pass them to the coordinator of the Team Learning Sessions.
  • On the next day, the coordinator of the Team Learning Sessions presents the students\’ inquiries to the faculty teaching staff to clarify these inquiries and discuss them with the students in the seminars.

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The weekly activities are concluded by conducting the scientific seminar related to the weekly dilemma, as they are applied as follows:

  • Divide students into groups at the beginning of the academic year with specific and fixed dates throughout the year.
  • Opening the seminar by discussing the questions written by students in (Team learning sessions) with the faculty teaching staff and in the presence of the activity coordinator.
  • Conducting a quiz  for each group for half an hour, and then discussing it with faculty teaching staff.
  • Start of the presentation by one of the groups specified for this seminar, for a period not exceeding twenty minutes.
  • Students performance is evaluated by AMS teaching staff according to specific criteria by the faculty\’s administration, as well as giving the correct depth to the educational objective and answer any questions in this regard.

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Scientific Seminar on ( CNS Tumors )
  • Jana Ali Fathy / Bilqis Salem Omar.
  • Yusra Zulkifl / Heba Hassan Ali.
  • Hammad Al-Senussi / Sanad Hamid Rafa.

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Scientific seminar on (Hemophilia)

Fisrt Group:

  • Retaj Hassan Alraeed / Abdulaziz Adel Alobaidi.
  • Amal Musaed / Amira Musa Nasr / Hadeel Mohamed Alqadi.

The second group:

  • Isra Abdullah Alenezi / Ali Muhammad Almabrouk.
  • Hassan Nouri Alfaituri / Khalas Kalami Ramadan / Wijdan Boubaker Alaujali.

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Scientific seminar on (Wound Healing)
  • Fatima almahdi Ebida / Silwan Abbas Najim.
  • AbdulMukim Albashari / Nuran Ibrahim Alshuwaihdi.
  • Hadeel Abdel Fattah Alawami / Sama Ahmed Almahdawi.

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Scientific seminar on (Salivary Glands)
  • Suleiman Maher Suleiman / Rashad Mohamed Boruwaq.
  • Haitham Suleiman Othman / Uqba Ahmed Brigish.
  • Ehab Salah Hussein.

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Scientific Seminar on (Pheochromocytoma)

Fist group:

  • Ali Idris Saleh / Awrida Osama Aldressi.
  • Alhussein Faiz  Sadiq / Alsadiq Faiz Sadiq / Abdulmalik Muhammad Alghazali.

Second group:

  • Manal Jamal Albarasi / Donia Abduljalil Muhammad.
  • Hawa Nouri Iqliwan / Hassiba Abdulrahman Saib / Rania Saad Alsaber.

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Scientific seminar on (Malaria)

First group:

  • Khaled Salah Muhammad / Zakaria Noah Abdulsaid / Hussein Abdelbasit Omar.
  • Muhammad Ali Abdullah / Mahmoud Miftah Fakhri / Islam Saleh Rizk.

Second group:

  • Muhammad Hammad Khairy / Muhammad Husain Alhaddar / AbdalMuizz Allafi.
  • Ruqaia Khalid Kembraki / Donia Youssef Anan / Lujain Suleiman Alsheikhi.

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Scientific Seminar on ( Iaryngeal carcinoma )

Fist group:

  • Ansaf Yousef Alkatani / Nusseiba Hussein Najm.
  • Rua Sami Muhammad / Retaj Ramadan Eswaisi.
  • Zubaida Mohiuddin Albshari / Orjwan Mohiuddin Albshari.

Second group:

  • Bushra Fathi Alma\’dani / Aya Hassan Alasbali.
  • Shahd Abdulsalam Albadri / Alaa Abdulmoneim Alsaiti / Reem Khaled Saad.

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Scientific seminar on (Anemia)

Fist Group:

  • Shouq Younis Suleiman / Yasmine Fathy Jaber / Habiba Shuaib Ghanami.
  • Aisha Khaled Salem / Ritaj Ahmad Zobi / Nasreen Ali Salem.

Second Group:

  • Ahmed Mohamed Hammouda / Wafa Khaled Albarasi / Sarah Jamal Akram.
  • Tasnim Issam Zawawa / Fatima Wanis Alkarghali / Jihad alsharif Dau.

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Scientific Seminar on (Upper Respiratory Tract Infection)

Fist Group:

  • Fatima Salem Garqoum / Muhammad Ahmad Shamsi / Muhammad Jaber Madhouh.
  • Alaa Ali Hassouna / Faiza Nasif Abdelhamid.

Second group:

  • Rubian Ali Jaber / Salima Almahdi Almurtad / Hajer Mustafa Abdullah.
  • Razan Yahia Raqraq / Fatima Idris Fonas.

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Scientific seminar on (Tuberculosis)

First Group:

  • Razan Abdullah Almansouri / Malak Hussein Hawili.
  • Mawadda Tariq Alwerfalli / Alia Abdusalam Alshakmak.
  • Ayman Moftah Alsaeity.

Second Group:

  • Abaq Ezzuldin Allafi / Ibtisam Faraj Almabrouk.
  • Ainwar Badr Aldin Altajouri / Fahd Atef Binali / Ali alsiddiq Bin Ismail.

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Scientific seminar on (Hepatitis)

First Group:

  • Sarah Khalifa Aljalali / Adian Saad Ayyad.
  • Marwa Ahmed Belhaj / Zainab Ali  Alshabaan / Ainour Fathy Abdullah.

Second Group:

  • Ayad Saad Ayyad Yahya / Mahmoud Saad Ayyad Yahya.
  • Ruba Abdulwahid Albahloul / Zainab Alrifai Albakoush.

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Scientific seminar on (Inflammatory Bowel Disease)
  • Hanin Idris Alshaibani / Hussein Khalil Alkawafi.
  • Omran Tawfiq Bosnina / Mariam Taher Mahmoud.
  • Amin Fathy Kurman.

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Scientific seminar on (Infective Endocarditis)

First Group:

  • Tamim Muhammad Alzwi / Muhammad Abdulhakim Alghariani.
  • Zakaria Bashir Aloraibi / Omar Ezzaldin Suhaim.
  • Ali Ashraf Altarhouni.

Second Group:

  • Israa Fathy Abdullah / Ritaj Radi Ibrahim.
  • Zainab Abdelmonsef Alqadi / Khadija Muhammad Ntfa.

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Scientific seminar on (Cerebrovascular Diseases)
  • Ali Muhammad Ali / Ezzaldin Hilal Ezzaldin.
  • Safaa Fawzi Saleh / Aisha Jamal Saeed.
  • Naela Adel Ramadan / Amna Rasheed Bolifa.

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Scientific seminar on (Pneumonia)
  • Ahmed Abdulrahman Abdulhadi / Muhammad Hassan Amaiter.
  • Raihan Muhammad Muhammad Ali / Abdulmalik Juma Alsahili.
  • Marwa Syed Ali  / Istabraq Khalifa Alhuwaidi.

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