AMS Facilities

The Faculty of Applied Medical Science resides in the LIMU complex which has many resources and facilities, whilst the AMS faculty is the inception of most faculties at LIMU (AMS, Medicine and Dentistry), most facilities are completely used by the faculty of AMS.


Labs are an essential part of the educational system at any Medical field, for instance Anatomy, Biochemistry, Physiology, Microbiology and Histology labs. These labs are supervised by qualified Teachers and Technicians at AMS faculty.


LIMU‘s library contains electronic and hard copies of the subject material that the educational program is using and contains other reference which can be used in many areas such as researches, and it also includes many papers and researches that were conducted by AMS staff.

Clinical Skills Center

LIMU‘s Clinical Skills Center is used by all faculties to teach students the maneuvers and bed side manners that all medical/dental graduate has to master.