BMS Commemorates World TB Day


Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences participated in a seminar to commemorate International TB day, which is celebrated worldwide on the 24th of March each year, in Kwayfiya Chest Hospital. Entitled \’It\’s time to end TB\’, many specialists participated from Kwayfiya Chest Hospital, Tripoli Childrens Hospital, Shahat Chest hospital, Benghazi Medical Centre and Benghazi Infectious disease hospital. A number of professors from the LIMU, Benghazi University and Tripoli University also participated.
Second and Third year BMS students presented posters about tuberculosis, which was part of their learning requirements for the unit of the respiratory system. The seminar was held at Tibesti hotel from 11am till 4pm. Its aim was to raise public awareness of the effects of tuberculosis and the efforts in place to minimize it.