Alumni Office

Alumni office vision

Graduates of the Libyan International University will have leadership at the local and regional levels, achieving a mutual and sustainable relationship between graduates, and enhancing their loyalty as ambassadors for the university.

Alumni Office Message

Opening communication channels between the university and its graduates by following them up and providing services aimed at raising their efficiency, developing their skills, directing them to the labor market, and coordinating with their employers for purposeful and constructive cooperation to serve the university, graduates, and society.

Our Goals

Coordinating with various university departments and the Student Union regarding the office’s activities

Create a database that includes all graduates’ data to facilitate communication and presence with them.

Create a (special link) for the Alumni Office on the university’s website to create a channel for continuous communication between the office and university graduates.

Create a special page for the office on the social networking site (Facebook).

Forming an alumni association at the university level.

Follow up on graduates, increase engagement and communication with them, and involve them in the process of developing programs and courses.

Preparing a database for the institutions in which university graduates work.

Preparing an electronic file and a paper file for each graduate

Sending questionnaires to the institutions where university graduates work to learn about the performance of the graduates working for them.

Holding an annual ceremony for graduates.

Preparing the graduates guide.

Issuing a guidebook for graduates.

Preparing the alumni association card.

Preparing an introductory brochure about the Alumni Office.

Preserving and documenting graduates’ data in a special archive (paper and electronic).

Inviting graduates to attend events held by the university.

Organizing an annual alumni conference to present current achievements and future aspirations regarding alumni affairs.

Organizing the annual employment forum.

Holding a special meeting for final-year college students to clarify the office’s role in linking university graduates to the labor market, and clarifying the efforts made in the field of graduate employment.

Work to connect the graduate with the labor market, and provide good job opportunities and advertise them to all graduates.

Researching problems related to graduates and trying to find the necessary solutions.

Completing the procedures for issuing certificates (temporary, original, transcripts, etc.)