BMS Faculty students on a scientific visit to the Heart Center

BMS Students on a Scientific Visit to the Heart Center


Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences has organized a scientific visit to the National Heart Center for second year students at the faculty, together with a number of specialized faculty members and academic tutors, who received support, encouragement and assistance to make the visit a success, from the Director of the National Heart Center Dr.Taher Elfathley and the staff of the center.

During this visit, the students were distributed to groups, and each group with their academic tutor studied the real cases of patients and know the sick history of them, and then the students organized a group discussion to draw up the specific educational objectives of the visit under the supervision of the educational supervisor and coordinator of the scientific visit, to be completed the outcome of the visit in a scientific symposium to crystallize the outcome of the educational unit.

The students also visited the laboratory of the National Heart Center and learned how to conduct some tests on a number of cases, where the master of the lab cooperated with them with all the seriousness and proper reception.

This visit is part of the modern learning strategies adopted by the Faculty of Basic Medical Science, the IBL strategy (research based or verification learning) and implemented through a series of visits to a number of hospitals and health facilities in Benghazi according to the nature of the educational unit and the speciality of hospitals, with the aim of enhancing the research and knowledge skills of students and providing a leading educational and research environment that enables them to obtain abundant scientific knowledge and effective practical experience in the fields of scientific specialization.