BMS Faculty Organizes a Workshop on How to Search for your Report

BMS Organizes a Workshop on How to Search for your Report

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Graduate And Research Unit of the BMS faculty, in collaboration with the Faculty\’s Agent, carried out a workshop entitled How to Search for Your Report.

The workshop touched on the following topics:

Google Scholar

Practical applications were also conducted for research with the scientific search engine and how to identify key words suitable for research and how to use the research properties to access the research to be accessed in the shortest possible period of time and it was presented by Dr. Mohammed Al-Kouafi and Dr. Marwa Al Shara.

This workshop comes within the framework of enhancing the skills of educational supervisors to write scientific reports, and in accordance with the implementation of the faculty plan to update and develop its teaching methods and enhance the research and knowledge skills of educational supervisors in terms of providing a leading educational and research environment enabling them to obtain abundant scientific knowledge and effective practical experience in the fields of scientific specialization.