BMS faculty has achieved successive successes in holding weekly scientific seminars for its students, ensuring that the time limit of its study plan is maintained in different years and that students receive the scheduled study activities.

These successive successes come within the framework of the faculty’s keenness to continue the educational process in all its activities without interruption, which enabled students of different years of study to attend weekly scientific seminars on their schedules for each academic year, using the links of the university’s electronic curriculum system (Moodle), in an atmosphere of effectiveness, activity and enthusiasm, which gave high positive indicators of the success and continuity of study distance, as well as conducted group tests remotely and smoothly, and students discussed with the faculty members and consulted them about some points.

It is worth mentioning that the BMS faculty And its students have had little difficulty in the process of running the study remotely, as a result of the experiences they have gained from relying on distance learning since 2009 within the faculty’s learning policies.