On Tuesday, December 1, 2020, AMS held an honoring ceremony  to its top students for the Academic Year 2019/2020, where the Dean of AMS Prof. Dr. Abdulla M. Elmansoury gave a certificates to the honored students for the second year Dentistry students and third year (Human Medicine) students, expressing the faculty’s pride in their excellence and achievement, and their determination to succeed and overcoming all the difficulties that they experienced during their study, congratulating their families for their success and excellence.

Second Year (Dentistry) Students List:

  1. Yousra Amer Ashour Al-Sweidq.
  2. Rana Yasser Ismail Ahmed.
  3. Nour Abdelhamid Abdelmajid Bougazia.
  4. Hadeel Abdelfattah Abdelrahim Alawami.
  5. Nour Alhuda Khalil Miftah Akuniber.
  6. Fathia Ali Abdullah Al-Majbri.
  7. Muhammad Faisal Fakhri Al-Senussi.
  8. Abdulmuqeem Muhammad Abdullah Al-Bashari.
  9. Donia Youssef Ahmed Anan.
  10. Abdulmalik Hisham Muhammad Ali Alwarfali.

Third Year (Human Medicine) Students List:

  1. Amani Omar Abdullah Al-Raeed.
  2. Hadeel Ali Abdulsalem Al-Hashimi.
  3. Abdulmuizz Ali Hassan Abdulmalik.
  4. Muhammad Abdulhakim Muhammad Alghariani.
  5. Tamim Muhammad Alsaber Al-Zwi.
  6. Ali Alsiddiq Ismail bin Ismail.
  7. Aziza Tawfiq Awad Asmiu.
  8. Fatima Abdulmohsen Hamad Boaud.
  9. Abdulraouf Gebril Awad Bouruwaq.
  10. Donia Ahmed Atta.