The Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences attaches great importance to its educational system, and harnesses all the necessary possibilities to provide a high level educational environment for students, and in the light of the Corona pandemic, BMS faculty is one of the first faculties to develop and expand the coverage of the existing distance learning system, in order to ensure the safety of its students and to continue the educational process without interruption, which is its top priority, and in this context organize sinstudents of the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences in a scientific symposium in the fifth week of the educational unit (3MS) Online Seminar using the links of the faculty’s electronic curriculum system (Moodle) where it was communicated remotely between students and faculty, to discuss the scientific content of the fifth academic week, and the faculty responded to the queries raised by the students and explained and the students conducted group tests remotely, this scientific seminar was characterized by the presence and active participation of students, as well as the enthusiasm and positive members of the faculty giving impetus and push forward in the educational process remotely.