About us


We Are One of The Largest, Most Diverse Universities in The Libya


Faculty of Applied Medical Science (AMS) is one of the faculties of Libyan International Medical University (LIMU). Studying in the faculty is regarded as one of the Higher Educational phases. Applied Medical Science courses are taught to the faculty and other LIMU faculty students

Dear students, I am pleased to welcome you at the faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, Libyan International Medical University. The Faculty of Basic Medical Science in the University Represents an important and distinct leap in the field of medical education as being the first college of its kind in Libya awarding bachelor’s degree in many important disciplines that contribute to meet the needs of medical colleges and health institutions and supports the community with the skills needed by the labor market of varied medical specialties, as this faculty graduate combines the acquisition of accurate knowledge and laboratory skills through an educational system applied for the first time in higher education in Libya.

About faculty

Faculty Mission

Providing a motivating environment for learning, creativity and scientific research, by delivering outstanding services, and providing the necessary quality measures to prepare graduates with high scientific research and vocational capabilities, who are able to keep pace with rapid developments in order to be competitive in the labor market, and to help serve the community and to contribute to its development.

Faculty Vision

Pioneering and excellence in Applied Medical Sciences, Research and community service.


Faculty Goals

To implement an educational system that aims to prepare students with:


  1. Freedom of self-learning and multiple educational skills to use to achieve knowledge, aspire for innovation and creativity, and to become lifelong dependent on themselves. 

  2. The ability to analyze, criticize, and deal with educational problems. 

  3. To realize the importance of research, and to acquire the methodology, monetary, and research ability.

  4. The ability to be able to work within a complete team spirit. 

  5. The ability to use the Arabic, and English language together by the students through obtaining the necessary language tools and mastering it’s application. 

  6. Hobbies that commensurate with the potential of the students and their inclination whether it was literary, cultural, artistic or athletic, and what will contribute in forming and refining their personality and being in the community.

To work on preparing graduates with the profession attitude principles that includes:


  1. Service commitment. 

  2. The ability to work seriously, actively, and responsibly. 

  3. Communication skills that are based on scientific bases, so that they become effective members in their field of work, and in the community. 

  4. The ideal use of available resources to the education and scientific research programs. 

  5. To maintain practicing and respecting the profession ethics in their work and research field.