Al-Hassi Renews Praise For The University's Support For The PCR Laboratory

Al-Hassi Renews Praise For The University’s Support For The PCR Laboratory


Dr. Ahmed Al Hassi, Vice President of the Medical Advisory Committee, renewed his praise for the Libyan International Medical University and its active contribution to the establishment of the Molecular Biology Laboratory for the Diagnosis of PCR virus disease at the Kuifiya Teaching Hospital for Thoracic Diseases, in addition to submitting a scientific proposal on intelligent spacing.

Al-Hassi pointed out that the university has loaned faculty members of the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences (BMS) specialists in virology, also pointed out that they stay in the laboratory for 24 hours (permanent stay for 40 days) to supervise the analysis and train technicians:

Dr. Rashad Shawky, Assistant Professor at BMS faculty who specializes in molecular viruses, who has actively contributed to the calibration and preparation of the PCR and supervising the necessary tests.

Dr. Musa Faraj al-Obaidi, faculty member of BMS faculty who specializes in medical genetics and molecular diagnosis.

It is worth mentioning that the University provided scientific, in-kind and financial assistance, consisting of some equipment and financial support as part of its efforts to contribute to the establishment and management of the laboratory.