Cooperation Agreement Between the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences and the Benghazi Al-Amal Foundation

The faculty of applied medical sciences concluded an agreement with the Benghazi Al-Amal foundation for cooperation and participation in various charitable works that mutually achieve their goals, and to enhance the role of the university in community service, the environment, volunteer work and charitable work.

The agreement was signed by the dean of the faculty, Prof. Abdullah Al-Mansoori, and the president of the Benghazi Al-Amal foundation, Mr. Muhammad Jaouda, in the presence of the vice dean, Prof. Noha Al-Naas, and the community service coordinator at the faculty, Prof. Walid Sharif.

It is of note that the Community and Environmental Service Office aims to expand the circle of community work through various voluntary and awareness plans and programs, to ensure the rooting of the university’s role in community service and environmental development, and in implementation of its strategic plan to motivate students to deal positively with the concepts of volunteering, which has become one of the graduation requirements Students are required to volunteer for 40 hours during their studies at the university.

It is noteworthy that the Libyan International Medical University (LIMU), since its establishment in 2007, has been committed to quality in accordance with national and international standards, in the fields of education, scientific research and community service. It has taken upon itself to provide community services, in order to achieve its mission, which believes in the importance and role of its social responsibility, and has harnessed all its capabilities, starting with scientific and research capabilities and expertise, passing through the harnessing of its various facilities and halls to serve the community.